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Guangdong Jinba intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc is a manufacturer of AC and DC micro motor professional manufacturers.

Since its establishment in 1997, the company has been listed as the front row of small household electrical appliances for its 20 years' unremitting efforts in line with the management principle of "quality first, reputation first".

The company has introduced a large number of advanced automation production lines and testing equipment, and the annual production capacity is 15 million.

Product specifications from 1.2~48.0V DC motor to 100~240V AC and DC motors, and various electromagnetic pumps, brakes and other dozens of kinds, are widely used in household appliances, electric tools, aerospace models and automotive industries.



Insight initiative, master the industry first-hand advice

Quality first reputation first

- Quality first reputation first -

Strong technical force

- Strong technical force -

Inheritance and innovation

- Inheritance and innovation -


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